Custom Floral Designs

Exclusively for those who desire the epitome of elegance in every touch

by Luisa Bautte

Throughout life, you’ve learned to expect excellence – of yourself and others.

But this expectation of excellence has never been so important, or as stress-inducing, as on your wedding day.

There is so much that goes into planning every inch of your wedding day. You need someone meticulous who will attend to even the smallest of details. Someone experienced who will take your hand and guide you through a precise process with ease, and someone innovative who will craft an extraordinary celebration that surpasses all expectations.

What you want is clear: 

White-Glove Service That Goes Well Beyond Beautiful Design – and into the Realm of Flawless Execution  

For the last 25+ years, Afrodita's Events by Luisa Bautte has earned its name as the go-to wedding planning studio for Floridian couples who desire the epitome of luxury, sophistication, and personalization. But Luisa’s event roots extend deep from humbler beginnings – the flower shop.  

Flowers are Luisa’s first love. Her work in the flower shop led her to become a floral designer and – eventually – one of South Florida’s most sought-after event designers. 

Floral design is an art form that Luisa still practices for her distinguished clientele. With a knack for perfection and a flair for innovation, Luisa creates out-of-the-box impeccable designs.

As a boutique design studio, we take on only a select number of clients. This allows us to steady our focus, so we can continue to provide the innovative floral designs that we’re known for. 

The Hallmarks Of Our Work

High Standards and Attention to Every Detail

Custom Floral Design

by Luisa Bautte


01 - Consult

We’ll discuss your vision for your event and explore the role your custom florals can play within that vision.  

03 - Celebrate

Your custom design is guaranteed to include special touches that reflect you and your event’s aesthetic. 

02 - Customize

We’ll collaborate with you to select a color palette and define your details. Then we'll get to work, crafting show-stopping and detail-elevating florals in a style you love.